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In the Classroom & Discovery

During the month of  June

The first week our classes will discussing all things relating to Summer.  We will talk about the foods of summer, summer activities, and how to stay safe in summer.  Some classes will make pictures of watermelons, some will play watermelon math games, adding and subtracting seeds.

The second week we will be discussing the men in the families.  The students will draw pictures of their Dads and Grandads, make cards and small gifts to give to them. 

Next we will talk about all the cool bugs that are outside.  In the gardens in the front of the building the children will be able to find and observe many different types of bugs, spiders and incests. They will learn about the life cycle of butterflies, bees and ladybugs. 

MDOW Discovery 3:30-5:30

Monday June 12th OUTDOOR

Tree bark rubbing - old crayons with their wrappings removed for kids to color on paper wrapped around tree. Great fine motor experience using crayons horizontally and vertically.

Tuesday Literature
Syllable Matching Tray
Breaking up words and practicing syllable matching is an important step on the way to reading. We will clap out syllables of animals and match them to the correct number.

Wednesday 14th   Kids in the Kitchen

Make your own APPLE "Pizza". The ingredients include whole apples, sun-butter and raisins. We will talk about apples and how they grow.

Thursday Gross Motor
Walking the line
Using a V shaped line on the floor we will walk down the line noticing how our feet get farther apart.  Activity concepts include wide and narrow, eye hand coordination and learning about distance and point.

Friday STEM
Transfer of energy marble roll.  We will hypothesize what happens when marbles careen down a ruler and test our theory, watching energy transfer through the marbles.

Monday June 19th OUTDOOR

Color Scavenger Hunt-using a paper bag with colors drawn on they will search for every color in the rainbow. Learning through observation


Wednesday 21st  Kids in the KItchen

 Veggie Bugs- The ingredients include celery, cucumber,grape tomatoes, bell pepper and cream cheese. The children will create their own bugs out of the assorted vegetables and talk about the different kinds of bugs.


Monday 26th OUTDOOR

Hula Hoop games with bean bags and balls. They will practice eye-hand coordination skills as well as gross motor.


Wednesday 28th  Kids in the Kitchen

Fruit Sparklers made with watermelon stars and blueberries. We will talk about 4th of July and watermelons. The children will use a star cookie cutter and skewers to thread the blueberries to create the fruit sparkler