2024 Summer Session Tuition Information

June 3-August 23

The summer session is 12 weeks.  MDOW will accept monthly payments, but families are financially responsible for the entire summer session tuition.  The first summer payment is due May 10th, the second payment is due June 10th, and the final payment is due July 10th. 

During the summer months we understand that families take vacations.  Parents are able to deduct up to 1 week from the summer tuition to accommodate family vacations, swim lessons etc. The vacation deduction comes off the final payment.

To determine your summer tuition in the chart below, count the number of sessions your child is registered to attend on a weekly basis.  One session is equal to one morning 9:00-12:00 session or one afternoon 12:30-3:30 session.  If your child attends Tuesday & Thursday morning – that is 2 sessions/week.  If your child attends Tuesday & Thursday all day, 9-3:30, that is 4 sessions/week. 

MDOW will be closed on July 4th.  Students scheduled to attend school on Thursday, July 4th will have this day subtracted from the tuition total. 

All payments are made through the Brightwheel app using ACH debit or credit card. Credit card payments will have an additional 3% fee.

 If your child is absent or school is closed due to weather, tuition is still paid in full.

Summer 2024    
Number of sessions per week 12 weeks tuition monthly paymentMaximum 1 week vacation deduction from final payment
1session/wk $318.00 $106.00-$26.50
2 sessions/wk $636.00 $212.00-$53.00
3 sessions/wk $954.00 $318.00-$79.50
4 sessions/wk $1,272.00 $424.00-$106.00
5 sessions/wk $1,590.00 $530.00-$132.50
6 sessions/wk $1,908.00 $636.00-$159.00
7 sessions/wk $2,226.00 $742.00-$185.50
8 sessions/wk $2,544.00 $848.00-$212.00
9 sessions/wk $2,862.00 $954.00-$238.50
10 sessions/wk $3,180.00 $1,060.00-$265.00

Additional Fees

Registration fee – paid by students who attend the summer session only.  This fee is due when your classroom assignment is confirmed.  The fee is $20/student. The registration fee is non-refundable.

Extra Sessions – $28/session

Before school care    7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.    $12/session

MDOW Clubs   3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.   $18/session